SAF Test Project: An open-source repository for SAF-conformance test suites

Released Schedule

The current schedule is outlined below. It is updated after each milestone.

Jan. 15, 2005AIS (A) and HPI (A) Complete
Definition: AIS A.01.01 services except AMF. HPI A.01.01 tests.
Feb. 11, 2005AIS (B) Membership. B-spec coverage documented
Definition: Release AIS B.01.01 membership service line-by-line tests. Document how to get line-by-line coverage of AIS and HPI B.01.01 specifications. Import OpenHPI B-spec tests into SAF Test framework.
Apr. 06, 2005AIS (B) Checkpoint Service.
HPI (B) General and Domain Sections.

Definition: Release AIS B.01.01 checkpointing service line-by-line tests. Release HPI B.01.01 line-by-line tests for the general and domain sections.
May 15, 2005HPI (B) Sensor, Control, Inventory, Hotswap
Definition: Release major portions of the HPI B.01.01 resource section including sensor, control, inventory and hotswap tests.
May 20, 2005AIS (B) Event Service
Definition: Release AIS B.01.01 event service line-by-line tests.
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June 15, 2005HPI (B) Complete
Definition: Complete line-by-line coverage for complete HPI B.01.01 specification.
Available. Still under review
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July 2005 to Dec 2005SAF Certification begins for HPI B.01.01
In progress
July 08, 2005AIS (B) Lock Service
Definition: Complete AIS B.01.01 lock service line-by-line tests.
September 15, 2005AIS (B) Message Service
Definition: Complete AIS B.01.01 message service line-by-line tests.
In progress
December, 2005AIS (B) Complete (w/AMF Service)
Definition: Complete line-by-line coverage for complete AIS B.01.01 specification. All (6) AIS services will be covered: membership, checkpoint, event, lock, message, and AMF.
In progress
Schedule last updated: June 15, 2005