Download SAF Test Suite

Please select the desired version below. For older versions, go to the sourceforge download site. Test suites will be added here for downloading as they are completed. Please check the schedule for estimated dates of availability.

A note on test names: In the interest of clarity, not brevity, the naming scheme for the test download files are:
   saftest_<spec with version>_<test version>

Download Version Notes
HPI-B.01.01 HPI-B.01.01 1.0.0 HPI B.01.01 complete test suite. This is a pre-release provided for HPI working group members to review. Another release is scheduled for July 1st, 2005.
Membership, Checkpoint, Event, Lock, Message Service and Availability Management Framework
AIS-B.01.01 0.6.0 AIS B.01.01 membership, checkpoint, event, lock, message service and availability management framework tests.
HPI/AIS A.01.01 A.01.01 1.0.1 HPI/AIS A.01.01 test suite. This includes minor bug fixes for the first release. HPI and AIS tests are included in one suite. AIS AMF service is NOT covered.