SAF Test Project: An open-source repository for SAF-conformance test suites


SAF Test is an open-source project serving as the central location for developing and providing conformance test suites for SA Forum published specifications. The test suites cover both the A and B version of the HPI and AIS specifications.

Test suite contribution is welcome! Please check the schedule to see where we are at. The README describes how to use the framework and how to contribute more tests to the framework. For more details, refer to the Framework Overview.

Latest News

2006-04-29 saftest_HPI-B.01.01_1.0.7 is released!
This is bug fix release after HPI-B.01.01_1.0.7. In this release: - Great work from UNH team, most of the bugs for HPI B.01.01 tests are fixed and verified.
2006-02-28 saftest_AIS-B.01.01_0.6.0 is released!
The 0.6.0 release for AIS-B.01.01 spec, including the tests for AIS B.01.01 membership service, checkpoint service, event service, lock service, message service and availability management framework.

New Releases: Tests covering the following specifications have recently been released:

About SAF Test

Our mission: Be the central repository of conformance test suites for SAF published specifications including HPI and AIS.

With the growing success of commercial and open-source implementations of SAF specifications, there is a need for high quality, reliable and easy to use conformance test suites. SAF Test is dedicated to providing these tests in a single, well-structured framework.

SAF Test was created to provide confromance test suites for the SAF APIs independent of any vendor or particular implmentation. Our tests are targeted toward specification compliance and don't serve as functional tests. Tests are developed in C. Each test is an executable that exercises a single case for a single API. Scripts are used to run the tests and create results. Work is being done to create tools that post the results in multiple formats such as HTML, text, and XML so they can be consumed by multiple audiences.

We welcome your feedback and questions. Please join us on the SAF Test mailing list.

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